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Stock Code: 600057

「About XMXYG」

Corporate Overview

XMXYG Charter

Corporate Mission

Benefit the World, Achieve Success Together

Corporate Vision

XMXYG aims to become a globally-competitive comprehensive investment holding group focused on supply chains

Core Value

Value Creation Oriented

Core Principle of Organizational Construction

Uphold Party Leadership

Corporate Spirit

Grassroots Spirit, Devotion to Undertakings

XMXYG's "Five-Star Behavior"

Assume Responsibility and Take Action
Be Pragmatic and Efficient
Be Customer-Oriented
Be Open and Inclusive
Be Pleasant and Straightforward

XMXYG's "Five Principles"of Operation

Risk First
Building a Firm Foundation in the Market
Win-Win Cooperation
Innovative Development
Two-Wheel Drive

Management Team

Management Team
Members of the Party Committee
Secretary of the Party Committee: Zhang Shuili
Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee : Deng Qidong,Huang Quexuan
Committee Members : Fang Hongzhe,Liu Lixian,Wu Jie,Hu Xinli
Management Team
President:Deng Qidong
Deputy President:Liao Shize,Lin Junjie,Zeng Yangfeng,Lin Zhiyong
Assistant President:Wang Jianli,Wu Jie

Organizational Structure

Organizational Structure

Operating Performance

Over the past 27 years1995-2022

Total Assets


Net Assets




Net Profit

The operating performance has surged in recent years.
The operating efficiency and quality have been improving steadily.


Fortune Global 500


National May Day Labor Medal

China's Top 500 Enterprises


AAA Credit Rating Enterprise awarded by CCXI

China's Top 500 Enterprises of Service Industry


United Rating AAA

China's 500 Most Valuable Brands


Famous Trademark of China

  • National Enterprise of Abiding by Contract and Being Trustworthy
  • National Model Enterprise of Harmonious Labor Relation
  • National Advanced Unit of Internal Audit
  • Leading Enterprise on Golden Bee Corporate Social Responsibility List of China
  • China's Foreign Trade Credit AAA Enterprise
  • National Advanced Enterprise for the High Quality and Benefit of Foreign Trade
  • National Advanced Enterprise for Information Work
  • Green Channel Enterprise for Custom Price Verification
  • 3rd among Fujian Province's Top 100 Enterprises
  • 3rd among Xiamen's Top 100 Enterprises
  • 3rd among Xiamen's Top 10 Enterprises of Service Industry
  • Forbes Global 2000
  • 2nd among China's Top 50 Logistics Enterprises
  • China's Outstanding Logistics Enterprise
  • National AAAAA Logistics Enterprise
  • China's Top 100 Real Estate Enterprises
  • Integrity Enterprise in Fujian
  • Financial Credit Rating AAA Enterprise
  • Enterprise with Outstanding Contribution to the Economy and the Society of Fujian Province
  • Fujian Civilization Unit
  • Fujian Model Enterprise of Harmonious Labor Relation
  • Fujian Red Cross Gold Medal
  • Unit with Outstanding Contribution to Xiamen Special Economic Zone
  • Xiamen Civilization Unit
  • Advanced Unit for Building Xiamen as National Exemplary City of Double Supports
  • Xiamen Harmonious Enterprise
  • Tax-paying Credit A Enterprise in Xiamen




At the beginning of our 6th ‘Five-Year Plan’, XMXYG stood to carry on the reform of stated-owned-enterprise ,strengthened the leading role of strategy and advanced closed-loop management,towards an international frst-class enterprise.


XMXYG completed the digital transformation planning and consulting project of the group, defined the vision of digital transformation vision as well as the new three goals of "data-based business, platform-based operation, and intelligent management”.


XMXYG integrated the shipping resources of Xiamen port, and built a platform for constructing and developing the port and shipping industries.



XMXYG's operating income exceeded RMB 200 billion.

XMXYG was rated BBB (investment-grade) by Fitch Ratings.


XMXYG successfully issued US dollar bonds overseas, becoming the first Xiamen-based state-owned enterprise to enter the international capital market.

XMXYG became the first state-owned enterprise in Xiamen to implement an employee stock ownership plan.

XMXYG was included in the Fortune Global 500 for the first time.


Construction of the XMXYG Base Building began, marking the start of a new journey to international first-class.


XMXYG formulated its 6th “Five-Year Plan” and “Corporate Charter of XMXYG ”, upgrading its brand image and optimizing its social responsibility model.

XMXYG leapt to 298th on the Fortune Global 500 list, ranking 77th among China's Top 500 Enterprises.



Xiamen Xiangyu Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of XMXYG, became a publicly listed company (stock code: 600057.SH).


The “Sail” logo was recognized as the Well-known Brand in China.


XMXYG Co., Ltd. made inroad into Northeast China market, expanding its grain supply chain business.


XMXYG Construction was restructured into XMXYG Real Estate Group.


XMXYG released its first “Social Responsibility Report”.

XMXYG donated RMB 316 million to build the largest nursing home in Xiamen.

The Xiamen Area of China (Fujian) Pilot Free Trade Zone opened for business at Xiamen International Shipping Center, XMXYG becoming the leading enterprise in the core zone of the Cross-Strait Trade Center of the Xiamen area.

XMXYG consolidated its financial service subsidiaries into a XMXYG financial service business segment, with Xiamen XMXYG Jinxiang Holdings Group Co., Ltd opening for business.



XMXYG introduced a three-level financial management approach and created a financial management system to facilitate talent growth and rapid response to business expansion.


XMXYG became one of China's Top 500 Enterprises and its ranking has been climbing up steadily thereafter.


XMXYG released its first edition of “XMXYG Culture Outline”, the ideological guide and progrm of action for all XMXYG people.

XMXYG launched its public-interest brand project – the Five “One” Project.


The completion of Shanghai XMXYG Building marked a major milestone that XMXYG has made a breakthrough in setting up regional headquarters and building marketing networks in leading port cities such as Shanghai, Tianjin and Guangzhou from 2008 onwards.



Xiamen XMXYG International Freight Co., Ltd. was restructured into a joint-stock company, Xiamen Express Logistics Development Co., Ltd, which is the first joint-stock logistics enterprise in Xiamen.


Xiamen XMXYG Asset Management & Operation Co., Ltd. officially started operation and subsequently established guarantee and pawn companies, thus forming XMXYG financial service business segment.


XMXYG's net profit exceeded RMB 100 million.


Xiamen XMXYG Construction Group Co., Ltd. was founded as a group enterprise specializing in land development and logistics park platform construction, real estate development, and infrastructure construction.



Construction of Xiangyu Bonded Zone began.


XMXYG CORP. was officially established.


XMXYG became the first pilot enterprise for authorized operations of state-owned assets in Xiamen.

Xiamen XMXYG International Freight Co., Ltd. won an ISO9002 certificate, becoming the first integrated service enterprise in China to obtain this certification.


XMXYG held an annual management meeting in Fuzhou to discuss and finalize the framework of its industrial integration.

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