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Port and Shipping


Port and Shipping

This business section has witnessed the century-long evolution of Xiamen city which established by the port and thrived with the port. Based on Xiamen’s position as an international gateway hub and a strategic fulcrum for maritime cooperation, XMXYG has been actively exploring the pilot reform of free port, deepening exchanges and cooperation with Taiwan, and striving to increase the city's influence. By taking advantage of its maritime transport industry, we are heading towards the ocean for seeking coordinated development between the ports and the city, as well as a synergistic relationship between mountainous and coastal areas. XMXYG is going to compose a brilliant chapter in the process of Xiamen becoming a high-quality, attractive, modernized, and internationalized central city and preceding in fundamentally building a model city of a great modern socialist country.

Key Operating Companies

Xiamen International Cruise Home Port Group Co., Ltd

The company is a cultural and tourism business developer and operator. It seeks to promote synergistic interactions between mountainous and coastal areas and support coordinated development between the ports and the city through its business. It leverages its maritime transport business and resources to drive growth in its cultural and tourism business.

Whole industry chain of cruise
This sector consists of various businesses, including new cruise ship introduction, cruise ship reception, cruise ship supplies, the construction and operation of cruise ship ports and shipyards, and cruise ship commerce.

Maritime culture and tourism industry
This sector integrates several routes and maritime resources, including the Xiamen-Gulangyu Route, the Xiamen-Zhangzhou Route, and the Xiamen-Jinmen Route, as well as several major passenger terminals, ships, and shoreline landscapes in Xiamen, so as to create a benchmark for the maritime cultural tourism industry that integrates development of the cruise industry, the ports and the city

Cross-Strait Supply Chain
Through the integration of the cross-strait freight transport business generated from the Three Direct and Three Little Links with the resource of the Xiamen-Jinmen Route,this sector develops a platform to provide a syncretic Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) supply chain, which serves as overseas purchasing and warehousing, export collection warehouse, supervised warehouse for shipping express, as well as international logistics and distribution.

Key Projects

Xiamen Tourist Passenger Terminals Project

A major planning project in Xiamen, aimed at consolidating and upgrading key maritime tourist passenger terminals all across the city.

The Taiwanese Trade Town in Dadeng ( Originally Dadeng Town )

The first smallware trade market in China that exempts import tariff and value added tax for Taiwanese consumer goods.

The Rural Revitalization Project of Xiangshan area in Xiang\'an District

A national characteristic example of rural revitalization that innovatively integrates the primary, the secondary, and the tertiary industries by combining agriculture, cultural tourism, and the countryside.