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HR Philosophy


Talent is the primary resource and the most valuable asset for the development of the corporation; it is also the essential driving force for the growth of the enterprise, and the ultimate source of competitiveness. We persist in recognizing and empowering, and persevere with educating and building people, so as to create the main source of energy for future development of the corporation.

XMXYG's human resources development strategy should be able to match its strategy. By combining internal and external measures, we strengthen internal training and external recruitment and concentrate resources on building leading teams and professional teams that are full of ambition and drive and are good at getting things done, as well as international talent teams that adapt to the future trends of globalization.Managers of the companies and departments assume the ultimate responsibility for the human resources management of their respective organizations, while the human resources departments provide professional support and services for managers at all levels.

XMXYG adheres to the following human resources principles


Treat talent as capital and regard employees who identify with the corporate culture and continuously create value as the corporation's precious asset.


Ensure the continuous appreciation of human capital.


Give preference to investments in human capital, make generous investments in human capital, and continuously invest in human capital; pay attention to the match between input and output.


Combine the selection of the best with empowerment and enhancement; provide positive incentives to stimulate employees' entrepreneurial commitment and passion; and achieve the development of the corporation through the achievements of talent.


Ensure that employment management is both strict and affectionate, and add a human touch to rigorous management.