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The morning sail, facing the rising sun, heads to the sea. No destination is the farthest; there is always somewhere farther. We dive into the ocean of the market economy, looking forward to an unlimited future, and every morning is a fresh starting point.
The morning sail, gazing at the infinite world, accrues thousands of miles, one step at a time. We have dreams, but we are not engaged in idealistic fantasy. Rather, we push our undertakings forward with our down-to-earth approach, determined to turn our enterprise into a remarkable success.
The morning sail leverages the wind from all sides. We rely on the strength of our teams which are defined by inclusiveness and unity. We adapt swiftly to change. Creative and innovative, we thrive in market competition.
The morning sail forges ahead steadily on each leg of the journey, steering clear of the whirlpools and submerged rocks. We are passionate but not radical; we remain alert to dangers even in times of prosperity, strictly controlling risks and ensuring steady and efficient growth.
The morning sail presses ahead with dedication, vision, and magnanimity. We put the interests of the nation and our enterprise first. We uphold the highest standards of integrity and maintain self-discipline; we fit our deeds to our words, and we are open to different opinions.
The morning sail moves relentlessly on, never slacking off. We are dedicated and committed to our duties and we maintain the ultimate sense of responsibility.

IP Chenchen

IP Chenchen
Download IP Chenchen memes

Download IP Chenchen memes

Interpretation of XMXYG Elephant IP

I was born in 2020 at XMXYG's 25th anniversary.

My name is Chenchen. “Chen” means morning. XMXYG is a striver who sets out towards the rising sun to pursue its dreams, maturing and growing in the sunshine. “Chen” is also part of the Chinese term for “morning sail”. The red morning sail not only symbolizes XMXYG , but also encapsulates the XMXYG spirit. XMXYG is a big ship sailing from Xiamen Xiangyu Bonded Zone to the world, braving the wind and waves under the guidance of the morning sail.

I am not an ordinary elephant. I am a member of XMXYG. My white complexion represents amiability and cleanliness. My sturdy build stands for dependability, steadiness and tolerance. My heart-shaped ears and the red middle parts of my ears reflect my sincerity. I am sunny, pleasant, and ready to shoulder my responsibility and take action. My mission of “benefiting the world and achieving success together” drives me forward to strive for happiness.

Going forward, I will continue to pursue our dreams with everyone else. Together, we will compose a brilliant chapter on XMXYG's development.

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